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Re: What likely happened to the Cardassian Union after the war

It's natural the Bajorans would join Starfleet who helped them get back on their feet after what the Cardassians did to them.
Except that Ro Laren joined before there was any help from Starfleet. Sito Jaxa in turn was already a graduated Ensign by the time barely a year after "Emissary".

It's probably more like vice versa. Tal Celes apparently became a Starfleet crew member because the organization wanted to support and indeed pamper Bajorans in order to make them appreciate Starfleet more ("Good Shepherd").

Now maybe the Romulan and Klingon prescence and aid could be akin to an Occupation, but, I certainly wouldn't expect the Federation Prescence to be seen in that light.
Why not? Cardassians supposedly didn't bother with constantly terrorizing everybody, either. But they were there, their big military boots trampling on sacred Bajoran soil. That's what the Feds would be doing on Cardassia, too, even if they felt they were there only to help.

Okay, basically the Feds brought war to Bajor, while Cardassia brought war upon itself, so perhaps Cardassians would hate Starfleet less than Bajorans do. But would they really see things from that point of view? They were being trampled on by Starfleet and its allies every time they tried to take the destiny of their culture in their own hands.

Look at it this way, most modern day Germans hate the Nazis, but still a small minority in Germany who support Nazi ideals.
...And plenty of people who think the US and Soviet occupations were no real improvement over the Nazi reign. On the other hand, while the Soviets may have been worse than the Nazis in many places, the communist reign in East Germany carried many benefits that are still missed today.

There will always people who embrace destructive ideologies.
Or resent non-destructive ones.

Timo Saloniemi
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