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For the life of me I cannot understand why she was not selected for more high profile movies. She is a wonderful actor, has a great body, beautiful face and fun. I know she was in some grade B movies but she deserved some big rolls.
I agree that she's pretty good (as Polly at least; haven't seen her in anything else), but hot, pretty good actresses are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, and I can see many producers being wary of casting "that Star Trek sex object" in a prominent role (of which there are rather few for women overall) due to cultural baggage.

Unfortunate, perhaps, but agreeing to be on ENT probably doomed any chances of A-list stardom on her part. Still, it was more than most get.
She does have a unique charm about her.

It's a damn shame she hasn't been in more films, she's certainly more skilled (and prettier) than some of the other more famous actresses out there.

Oh and if anybody is wondering, she also has a big part in Starship Troopers 3.
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