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Re: Marvel's Ultimate Comics

You're fully aware that the first issues of Ultimate Spider-Man coincided approximately with the release of the first Sam Rami Spider-Man...

Most of us have had many, many children and ruined them since that dark day in history.


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is about a little kid with super powers dealing with dark scum like rapists, murderers and drug dealers, some of who he is related to.

Ultimate Comics X-Men is an allegory for the Jews living in Nazi Germany if they had the tools to fight back. There are camps and there are militias rounding up suspects for execution. Kitty Pryde, the original Spider-Man's (almost nearly) widow has more than decided that Magneto is right and that it's time to start making human massgraves as they're Jack Kerrowaccing across a dystopian fractured UNunited states of America to level Sentinel factories and liberate concentration camps. Personally I loved the bit at the beginning where Quicksilver offers to the president to sell a few hundred million mutants into slavery to prop up the failing American infrastructure.

Ultimates. What do you do when Reed Richards turns evil, then spends a thousand (relative) years in a time dilation bubble thinking up ways to destroy you? You stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. Out matched and out powered, the good guys had to do something... So Mr Fantastic nuked Washington DC. No time travel, no reset. The world is completely and utterly fucked.

So, no.

Not for children.
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