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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Finished watching the Documentary and that was some really great stuff. Some quick thoughts before I go to bed:

-Denise Crosby sounded really negative throughout this whole thing. She didn't think the show would work, she was being so judgmental, and then it just came down to the fact that she wasn't having a good time anymore so that's why she left. Since this is part of a much larger special, I may have to hold judgement for now, but it does make me wonder what changed her mind. Was it greed, and the whole "This kid is popular now I want to hang out with him" mentality? I mean for someone who seemed to hate her time on the series, to come back and do 3 more episodes and then 2 Documentaries covering the entire franchise almost seems really selfish to me.

-Really loved the original make up/costume shots. There was some really bad ideas thrown around at the time, like Geordi's hair, some of Troi's hairstyle, and pretty much all the original ideas for Data. They wanted a pink, orange eye/yellow eye look? Good thing they went in a different direction.

Really looking forward to Season 2's version of this documentary. I have this feeling, based on the trailer we saw, that we might finally set the record straight as to why McFadden left. Also is Diana Maulder still alive? I would love to get an interview from her in the next release, if she's willing. This doc has gone really in depth and to go in depth on Kate Pulaski would be a thing to behold.
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