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^Don't worry about it. 'WASD' will very quickly become second nature. The only tricky part is the space button, which for some reason Bioware decided to assign about 50 different situational functions to. It can make running away, diving and getting in and out of cover a bit of a toss up as to which you intend to do and what you'll actually do.
*Shepard runs up to a button on a wall to press it, proceeds to dive roll into the wall*
It's even more fun in multiplayer when you try to revive a fallen teammate and your character instead takes cover next to them...

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Yuck. I remember when I first started PC gaming years ago I used the arrow keys, but considering how nearby keys like Q, E, F, C, X etc also get used by default, it's highly inefficient.
Only if you don't remap them too, and if you don't have problems with fingers slipping off WASD onto their neighbors and not realizing it 'cause they all feed the same.
If I were one of those deranged murderous lefty types, I still wouldn't use the arrow keys. It'd be a better idea to remap everything onto the keypad so the squad commands, reload etc. are within immediate reach.

Oh and as for casualties; since my first play-through I've made it a little tradition to kill off Jacob in the vents. A decision prompted by his general creepiness towards my femsheps, but rather validated I think by ME3. This man should *not* be allowed to breed. Speaking of Jacob related creepiness, has anyone seen this before? Personally I thought it was hilarious.

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