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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I decided to read in order "The Lost Years" (hardcover) by J. M. Dillard (1989); "A Flag Full of Stars" (pbk) by Brad Ferguson (1991); "Traitor Winds" (pbk) by L. A. Graf (1994); and, "Recovery" (e-book) by J. M. Dillard (1995). Lost years saga. The first book describes cloaking devices as readily available and easily installed whereas the third book describes them as difficult to obtain and still full of bugs to iron out. There is a fair bit of the paranormal (telergistic phenomena and/or psionics) in some of these books which smacks of fantasy more than SF.

But these books shall prime me well before reading "Ex Machina" by Christopher L. Bennett. Very soon, I hope, as I got the e-book some time ago.

Fortune favors ... the paranoid in the land of the ... scared. Perhaps reading the trekverse can be a healing experience to those true believers in the recovery movement.
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