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Well let's see, I had Jacob do the vents and had Jack lead the fire team to get him killed and to spite Miranda (and believe me, she ISN'T happy about it )

I had Miranda do the field so I could see her fail and have Thane get carried off by the seeker swarm. Oh, and Jack was the other squadmate.

Brought Miranda (disloyal BTW after siding with Jack in the catfight) and my paragade's BFF Kasumi to the reaper baby so Miranda could tell off TIM, only to die minutes later.

So really, I guess the whole suicide mission was about screwing over Miranda in every way possible.

I was frustrated that when the topic of the casualties came up while talking with Liara in my cabin later on and my only two dialogue choices were basically "It hurts" and They're heroes." Where's my "Good riddance" option, dammit!
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