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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well if it truly IS as obvious to her as it is to us-- because duh, the Clark disguise isn't the most convincing one ever and it's obviously Superman under there-- then I have no problem with her jumping out the window and proving her point.

But if that's the case, they is should have been JUST as freakin obvious to her during the FIRST movie. The first time Superman made his appearance, she should have been like "Dude, you're that nerdy Clark guy we just hired and who I was talking shit to all day!!" Or at the very least the next time she saw Clark again she should have noticed it was clearly the same guy (and don't try to tell me she was too emotional or distracted at the time to notice; I'm not buying that for a second).
I'm sure that if you think back, you'll remember cases in your own life when you didn't notice something for quite a while, because you couldn't see past your expectations or preconceptions, but once it finally occurred to you to look at it in a slightly different way, you suddenly recognized what had been staring you in the face the whole time. It would've seemed obvious once you noticed it, but not until you noticed it. That's how the human mind very often works. Everything we see is filtered through our preconceptions and expectations, and sometimes we can't recognize a thing until it occurs to us to look at it in just the right way.

Besides, I never said it was "obvious." That's giving both Lois and Clark too little credit. What I said was that Lois, who is a skilled investigative reporter and keen observer, was able to apply her skills and discover something that was hidden from most observers. She didn't see it right away because it wasn't obvious -- because Clark (by which I mean Reeve) did an amazingly good job at seeming like two entirely different people. And once she caught on, once she re-evaluated everything she knew about Clark and Superman and applied her formidable journalistic skills to that evidence, she became certain that they were one and the same person. The word "obvious" is miles away from what I'm talking about. Lois is supposed to be good enough to figure out things that aren't obvious. That's why they pay her the big bucks.

The fact she doesn't makes me think she really only has a strong suspicion it's him (even after drawing a suit and tie on his picture), in which case it really IS a stupid and idiotic thing to jump out the window.
An amateur observer would have a suspicion. A trained, professional journalist would derive a conclusion with a high degree of confidence. Part of being a successful professional is trusting your instincts, which are going to be much sharper and more reliable than those of an amateur. (Which is why I'm so sure of my assessment. Not to brag, more to offer it as an example, but assessing how characters would think and act is part of my profession. And I've had a lifetime to get to know the character of Lois Lane in her various forms. When it comes to assessing what is or isn't in character for her, I trust my instincts -- by which I really mean my experience and learned abilities, habits of thought that happen so automatically they feel like instinct.) You probably have the same level of confidence and assurance about the things that are part of your profession, your area of expertise. I see from your blog that you're a sculptor. I'm sure you know what it's like when you just feel that a character's pose or expression is right, that it fits, even if a non-artist wouldn't be able to tell the difference between that and something that you knew was wrong. Someone else might think you were just guessing, that you couldn't possibly be sure, but you know, because that's your area of expertise and training. And Lois's expertise is in extracting truths that are hidden, in piecing together the right answers based on limited information.

It's still a fun scene of course, but ultimately I think I prefer the way Lester did it.
I think it weakens Lois way too much, as I explained. I'd rather she go to an unrealistic, life-threatening extreme in order to come off as a strong and perceptive character than be reduced to the passive, clueless, unempowered female she was in Lester's version.
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