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Re: Mass Effect 3

Heh, geez. I like Thane in ME3, I like Kai Leng as a secondary antagonist (he'd have been awful as a primary, though) and I like Miranda quite a bit. Different strokes, lawl. Miranda definitely could have used more screen time in 3, though; her on-the-run storyline is a passable if not good explanation for her disappearance act, but she needed more than just a single biotic blast at the end of Sanctuary. Everyone else got more action, and I wouldn't care so much if there weren't so much action going around already.

Kirrahe doesn't really fight Kai Leng, per se, btw, so temper your expectations accordingly. He does something cool, and it's something you don't see Thane do or anything, and it's very salarian. But it's no duel.

The bullshit line is absolutely stellar.
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