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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Who said anything about short notice? I'm sure she could concoct an excuse to have a needle close at hand, say if she were doing a story about addicts.
Again, character. This is Lois Lane. She's a pit bull. An idea gets into her head, she doesn't wait and plan and bide her time; she acts, even if it entails doing something that most people would consider insanely reckless. That's who she is.

In any case, I'll never buy that she would willingly jump out a window. It's ridiculous.
Then your understanding of Lois Lane is profoundly different from mine. I've seen her unthinkingly put herself in danger many times in pursuit of the truth. The only time it didn't seem in character for me was in Superman Returns, because then she put her son in danger instead of just herself, and that is something she would never, ever do.
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