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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

This is why I never liked the Enterprise A. I LOVE the NCC-1701, greatest ship of all times, and I have no issues with Starfleet naming other ships after her. But what is the chances of Starfleet naming a ship in the same class after her? Its like a guy losing his wife and marrying someone that looks just like her and forcing her to change her name.

The Enterprise was destroyed saving the crews lives. Honoring it is about moving forward not trying to give us a campy ending to STIV. I wonder what Kirk would have really said seeing the E-A? Now one cavot to this would be what was the service life of the Connie class after STVI, now this would be hard since the treaty may have ended their life span earlier then expected, but that may not be true since the D-7 is seen in TNG.

For one thing, its considered bad luck to rename a ship so if its the Ti Ho or the Yorktown, its just a bad idea, hence ST V. Two, the E-A should have been a Excelsior class. It does just seem that the E-A was about giving Kirk what they thought he wanted. But really Kirk is a CAPTAIN he did not want a token Enterprise, hence his getting the E-A in to some adventures, one being worth seeing
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