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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

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And those who would say her return would "cheapen death" (as if that sort of thing has not been done in Trek before),
The very fact that it's been done in Trek before is reason not to do it again. Death should not be a mere plot device to be overturned at the author's whims; death should be a real and permanent thing in fiction predicated on the threat of potential death.

the logical response is that her "death" was what was cheap,
I'm not sure what that means. "Cheap" in what way? Her death was depicted as a major thing, a tragic thing. It was important. It had consequences. It hurt other VOY characters. The only way I could conceive of calling a character's death "cheap" is if it has no impact and other characters don't care about it -- but that's clearly not the case with Janeway's death.

and even shameful,
She made a mistake and it cost her her life -- but then she overcame the Borg's brainwashing through sheer force of will and disrupted the cube from within, thereby saving the entire Federation. I have a hard time calling that "shameful." "Heroic" sounds like a better word to me.

and having her return would right a great wrong which was done to her, a true groundbreaker, and her many fans.
I'm sorry, but the fact that a fictional character you liked died in a story was not a wrong done to you. I liked Steve McQueen in The Sand Pebbles, but his death at the end of that movie wasn't a wrong done to me.
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