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Re: Should a new Star Trek show be live action or animated?

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Now Star Trek is not some super dark series and I do think most of the Star Trek episodes are fit for whole family, not being said I would hope some greedy exec wouldn't try to use a Star Trek cartoon to talk down to kids and try to sell them toys.
I think a Trek cartoon aimed at kids should indeed sell toys and a whole slew of related merchandise. Why should it be limited only to (mostly adult) collectors?

As far as talking down to kids, there are very few cartoons that do that anymore (and frankly, I can't think of any currently on the air really). Most shows are either target age-appropriate or tend to appeal to both kids and adults in some fashion. I'm still amazed at how many adults tune in to watch My Little Pony.
I would say the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon really talks down to kids, especially when the previous Spectacular Spider-Man did excellent job of telling the story of Spider-Man, while making the show still accessible to kids. There are still cartoon shows that talk down to kids.

I don't mind selling merchandise related to the show to kids, I just wouldn't story lines to determined solely by merchandising concerns. In the 80s there were tons of cartoons, where irrelevant characters were on the show just to sell extra toys, where characters would get new powers and new costumes just to sell toys. In those shows selling toys was more important then stories. That's what I want to avoid.

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If its animated, it'll go on The Cartoon Network. FOX also does animation, but I can't see it fitting in with Family Guy. The Cartoon Network largely programs for kids, but they do have AdultSwim, aimed at young adults, so Star Trek could fit there, in an adjacent timeslot, and not be aimed primarily at kids.
Except Adult Swim doesn't make original content action cartoons. Any action show on Adult Swim is an anime series dubbed into English, Adult swim themselves only makes comedy cartoons. There is not enough of a market for non comedic cartoons aimed at adults.
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