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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

So many people on Facebook, Amazon, other sites, and even some on these forums (oh yes) have asked that Kathryn Janeway be brought back to trek literature and the "Voyager" (not felt really Voyager without her) books, which shows she has much support, and why not? Her (male & female) fans miss her and her unique persona, not just any Trek character, but an iconic personage with inspirational qualities, who is not to be cast aside or replaced. We are hoping that the next Voy. book, with its surprisingly hopeful cover, will bring our captain/admiral back where she belongs, into the present Trek lit. universe. And those who would say her return would "cheapen death" (as if that sort of thing has not been done in Trek before), the logical response is that her "death" was what was cheap, and even shameful, and having her return would right a great wrong which was done to her, a true groundbreaker, and her many fans. Bring KJ back, as we know she lives, and her story is not even close to being finished!
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