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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit?

Please bring Janeway back! I loved her character to death. Mrs. Mulgrew could hang with any of the guys and Voyager deserved it's own movie. It would have been fantastic due to their situations. I always imagined them locating a transward hub only to have countless species come from out of nowhere trying to use it to.

Just imagine all the ships the Care taker pulled in to the space station. Finally they find voyager and track her back to the Endgame movie, only instead of the hub being destroyed it was only destroyed at the exist leaving others free before the rupture and only a few light years from earth instead of thousands.

But anyway, Bring Kate back! she is the best thing of Voyager, and the precedent has been set. Q brought Picard back from the dead when Picard's artificial heart was fused. 7 of 9 Brought Neelix back from the dead using her nano probes.

IT IS CANNON that people can be brought back from the dead. It happens all the time in star trek. BRING HER BACK!!!!
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