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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I perfer the Lester version of Superman II, the Donner version has the same ending of the first movie and there's some nice bits in the Lester version that's missing in the other one. Lois was better fleshed out in the Donner version but, the rest of the movie feels badly edited and disjointed at least to me.
It has the same ending because Donner envisioned a two-part film from ther beginning and the "turn-back-time" sequence was supposed to be at the end of part two, not one.

The editing and unevenness is a side effect of how the Donner version had to be reconstructed, as it was never truly finished.
But at the time the first movie was edited and released Donner was still working on the second one, so I have to wonder how the first movie was originally meant to end. Lois' car wasn't swallowed by a crack and there's really no reason for her dialogue about falling electric poles since the earthquake didn't take place after Superman went back in time.
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