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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Really looking forward to the cast 'round table' as well. The snippet on the season 2 preview makes it look as though it's going to be well worth checking out. From what I could see they got the whole 7-person cast, and then Wil Wheaton? Don't think Denise Crosby or John de Lancie are involved?

Absolutely cannot recommend this set enough. The upgrade from the DVD, in terms of PQ, AQ (barring the obvious mistake on EaF), and extras, is phenomenal.
Considering how much more involved Denise Crosby was in Trek (Making the Trekkies documentary and all), I would love if one of the features on a season set (Maybe Season 3) is just a candid one on one interview with her. I think some of the things she has to say would be interesting to hear, like her leaving after season 1, coming back to play her again and later on Sela, any regrets she had, stuff like that. Now, if they got an interview with Whoopi as well (Updated done in 2012 or later), I will be impressed. I wonder if she still liked Star Trek and still feels today what she felt when she was on the show.

I know people say special features are something you just watch once, but I think they provide new and interesting insights that make even a 20 year old series feel fresh again. I watched part one of that Stardate revisited, and it almost felt like TNG was new again, waiting to be rewatched with a new mindset and understand the care it went to create the series, and then remaster the series. I know there was some ups and downs early on (Roddenberry's issues and all) but it really is stuff like that that makes things feel new and I like that.
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