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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I would have zero problem with Lori if the narrative would acknowledge that she's a terrible person. Some women are like this. Some women need men, or think they need men and will compete with other women and cut them down to size. Not every woman is a self actualized super woman brimming with self confidence. That's not realistic.

Just acknowledge it. People would tend to revert to "caveman" survivalist behaviors. Acknowledge it. Deal with it. Argue over it in the script. The role of women in child bearing and survival of the species, would become a point of contention in such a situation, right or wrong.
But the show has nothing to say about how to build a society. These people are not smart enough to contemplate this. This is why Hershell has taught nobody any of his veterinary skills - it's not as if he's old and will die leaving his children with no way to care for the sick people or animals is it? Was he planning on siring his own grandchildren? It's also why nobody knows how to play the guitar.
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