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Re: Should a new Star Trek show be live action or animated?

Well let's look at the pro and cons of an animated series vs. a live action series.

An animated series would have a smaller budget and could create more fantastic alien designs.

The biggest problem with an animated series is the Animation Age Ghetto.

Now Star Trek is not some super dark series and I do think most of the Star Trek episodes are fit for whole family, not being said I would hope some greedy exec wouldn't try to use a Star Trek cartoon to talk down to kids and try to sell them toys. I will say I think TV animation has improve a lot over the last 20 years, starting with the introduction of BTAS.

I think an animated show would have a faster pace then a then a live action, but if handled well perhaps it blend high paced action with heavier concepts, similar to what BTAS, Gargoyles and Avatar did.
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