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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well, naturalism doesn't mean actually being like reality, it means creating the feel of reality. Donner's buzzword in the production of Superman was "verisimilitude" -- a word that literally means "similarity to the truth." I.e. not actually being the truth, but resembling it, looking and feeling like it. Yes, the characters acted in broad ways and did physically impossible things, but Metropolis had the feel and texture of a real city, the Planet felt like a believable newsroom rather than a Hollywood set, and when Superman took off, it looked like he was actually physically rising into the air. Not to mention that Christopher Reeve acted like he was really, matter-of-factly Superman instead of giving a campy or self-conscious interpretation of Superman. So yes, it was a naturalistic take on a superhero film -- certainly a damn sight more than Burton's or Schumacher's Batman films, say.
I completely agree. These are things I tried to express above.
Hiya, FSM...

The biggest drawback to "Superman Returns"...

It's mentioned how Reeve really lived the part and became Superman...what happened to Brandon Routh's portrayal was instead of letting him be Brandon Routh playing Superman, you can feel he was made to play Christopher Reeve playing Superman.
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