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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Dear God I just sat through an episode of the Walking Dead season 2 where Lori argued with Andrea because she spent her time guarding the encampment putting more pressure on the remaining women to do the cooking and the cleaning! She even accused her to sitting and working on her tan while on guard duty! Wtf? I don't think my jaw fell open so wide since I saw Brad Pitt's abs in Thelma and Louise.

I know these characters are supposed to be hicks but really that level of sexism is lamentable in a 'modern drama without something to balance it out. They didn't even give Andrea any decent comeback about Rick clubbing her on the head and dragging her back to his cave.
Glad I'm not the only one who feels that the show has really terrible, annoying level of sexism and gender stereotyping. I just don't know if/how much of it is meant to be intentional - not just because they're hicks but because people are falling back on caveman behavior or something due to the apocalypse? In any case, that scene was rage-inducing, I was mostly indifferent to Lori before that but that's what tipped the balance for me. She's really a terribly written character.
In fairness, it isn't just gender stereotyping. They are very much heading towards a Lord of the Flies vibe here with the Dale being cast in the role of Piggy. Morally upright liberals are being portrayed as weak zombie/marauder fodder. There are probably only 4 characters I actually cared about and one of them died this week.

Andrea is quite a hard character to get a handle on. I want to like her but she's just not that likeable. Daryl on the other hand is a joy to watch from his repulsive hillbilly hygiene and his indifferent voice of reason to which nobody EVER listens.

The torture scene this week did NOT sit well with me. Is this an American thing because we have exactly the same approach by many different characters in Lost and 24? Would Americans really rather torture a human being instead of asking sensible questions and verifying answers before assuming somebody is lying? I mean they had the kid bed-ridden for a week and nobody asked him a single question? And who came out of the episode the worst? The one person who thought torture was wrong. Are the writers sending a deliberate message or did they just want us to care about what happened?

But it's Carol I want to see develop the most. I want to see her rise like a phoenix from the ashes of her former life and take more control (she's no Ripley but she could be..). Something tells me the writers might have a different, more predictable, fate in store for her. Once a victim...

EDIT: And when are they going to realise that deliberately cutting yourself with a rusty knife is NOT smart in a world with limited antibiotics and that zombie disease is not just necessarily passed on via saliva... Too late I'm guessing.
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