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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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-The aspect ratio (Or if I'm getting it wrong, simply the black on the left and right of the screen) is something I thought they would adjust for on TVs. They did it on the DVD release so I was surprised they didn't do it here. Again, I'm not technical, so I'm sure there is a very good reason for that.
Well in layman's terms, the only way to get a 16:9 picture out of it, is to crop the 4:3 picture, hence you'd actually lose part of the picture, rather than gain any. Plus, because you're stretching it to fit, the resolution will be worse.

-I watched the first part of Stardate Revisited and man I'm already loving all this new stuff on the series that they never put in the DVDs. That documentary might be worth the 65 bucks I paid already because TNG was a great series and to see it grow from the ground up is really fascinating. I know he isn't the most popular guy around here, but hearing Rick Berman's story of how he got involved was very interesting and I wonder, is he retired?
I couldn't agree more with this. Whilst I do like 'making ofs', I never imagined watching 'screen tests' and being thrilled by them. The way they incorporated them into the doc was a great idea, splicing the 'test' in with anecdotes, and then occasionally them goofing off during the tests as well - a delight to watch.

Likewise Berman - often lambasted, and I'm as guilty as anyone in that regard, but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him.

I'm taking that the 'to be continued' at the end of the third part of the doc means that they'll be some of these for each season. I sincerely hope so.

Really looking forward to the cast 'round table' as well. The snippet on the season 2 preview makes it look as though it's going to be well worth checking out. From what I could see they got the whole 7-person cast, and then Wil Wheaton? Don't think Denise Crosby or John de Lancie are involved?

Absolutely cannot recommend this set enough. The upgrade from the DVD, in terms of PQ, AQ (barring the obvious mistake on EaF), and extras, is phenomenal.
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