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Yeah, I never assumed Jonathan. Despite the writer wanting a cute nod, never really made sense. I put that down as grandson/daughter, or even great-grandson/daughter.

You wouldn't assume it's Jonathan any more than you'd assume the dog was Porthos. Like Christopher said, if your family always had one breed of dog, you're more likely to get one yourself, and so it goes. By the 'pro-Jonathan' camp, though, there's just as much evidence that it was Porthos, but don't see too many arguing that one. Works for one, but not the other? Same logic...

As for the Admiral vs President thing? Only thing I can put out against the argument is that while you'd refer to someone who'd done both as President, I guess there could be the argument that within a military group discussing the man, it may not be impossible to refer to him as Admiral. Especially if he went back to Starfleet after his Presidency, and further distinguished himself. Either could be appropriate in that case, and since the only evidence of it is from a group of military members discussing him...

Either way, I'm in the "not him" camp. Cute nod, but would have to be decendants of both Jonathan and Porthos to make sense...
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