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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Well, I've been watching a little bit of the blu-ray and I have some thoughts (And please forgive me since I'm not as technical as a lot of people here)

-What I've seen so far looks beautiful. CBS did a great job with this project and I was watching the Documentary on how they do it and man that's a pure definition of "labor of love". Looking for all that film that looks like it's as high (At least stacked in boxes) as a 5 story building looks daunting.

-The aspect ratio (Or if I'm getting it wrong, simply the black on the left and right of the screen) is something I thought they would adjust for on TVs. They did it on the DVD release so I was surprised they didn't do it here. Again, I'm not technical, so I'm sure there is a very good reason for that.

-I watched the first part of Stardate Revisited and man I'm already loving all this new stuff on the series that they never put in the DVDs. That documentary might be worth the 65 bucks I paid already because TNG was a great series and to see it grow from the ground up is really fascinating. I know he isn't the most popular guy around here, but hearing Rick Berman's story of how he got involved was very interesting and I wonder, is he retired? Also all the stuff from Probert and Justman and the rest of the Art Department was great too, like how we got the Enterprise D, or the stuff with the engine in the middle of the ship. One other thing, Gene Roddenberry didn't know California Labor Laws? It's one thing to run a family business but man, that story was great too, especially considering what Rod Roddenberry is doing now. Best to start them young I suppose.

-One glaring thing I noticed was are the opening credits supposed to flash like that? I'm not sure if I can simply explain what I mean, but you have the credits, and when we get to the text portion (EG Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher) the screen for a few seconds fades to black. Is this part of the converting to HD? I know on the SD, the stars are always present so I was just wondering what was going on there. Not a big deal, but like everything else on this set I'm just fascinated.

-I love the fact that the episode previews are part of the set now, as one of my favorite aspects of watching TNG growing up was waiting to see what the next episode was. I would always go to my parents, "Wait, we have to see what the next episode is about" before they changed the channel. Also, you can really see the difference between this HD project, and the original standard def. Still, seeing the "Neeexxxxt Time, on Star Trek: The Next Generation" will never get old. Maybe on the DS9 sets they will include the promos there because those promos were awesome as well, whether it was the blue station design overlapping with the promo in Season 2, or the Text promos we got in Season 6 and 7.

Like I said, this whole thing feels like a Labor of Love and considering when Star Trek was remastered and my qualms with that (Changing the visual effects, not appreciating the time it was filmed, pretty much everything that one episode of South Park criticized George Lucas for) this is quite an achievement.
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