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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Yeah... I feel like the people treating TDK as some kind of cinematic godhead while simultaneously giving TDKR a grade of "D" or "terrible" need to stare really hard at TDK again. The believability factor aside, pretty much everything you don't like in TDKR was already there in TDK, just maybe at a slightly less obvious level. The "seeds" of these issues were already planted. In this sense the alleged gulf in quality between the two films is largely exaggerated.
Yeah. Those calling DKR overly long was exactly my problem with The Dark Knight. Honestly when it comes to Nolan's Batman, Begins is the only one that is really tightly plotted. Dark Knight Rises was well set up but the pacing between the Acts was shoddy at times. But the Dark Knight had something that few stories can really pull off... a full fourth act. With multiple climaxes. Catching Joker the first time, the death of Rachel/Harvey's change, Catching Joker the second time and then the Death of Two Face. And ultimately, I just get bored.

It also didn't really feel like a Batman movie. One of the real props that I grant Nolan is that he created a comic book movie that was about the hero rather than the villain which in a lot of ways was rare before that. The story of superhero movies were always about a plot conducted by a villain that had to be stopped by the hero and the overall narrative was defined by the villain. Looking at the original Batman films, it was so bad that they are referred to as The Joker movie, the Penguin movie, the Two Face and Riddler movie and so on and so forth.

The Dark Knight kind of fell into that with the movie being dominated, not by the continuation of Bruce Wayne's story but the stories of Harvey Dent and the Joker. Compared to the first movie where the villains played a major backseat and this last film which was mainly about the ongoing struggle of Bruce Wayne, TDK was lacking.

The Killer performance of Heath Ledger really saves the movie.
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