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Marvel's Ultimate Comics

With the "relaunch" of Marvel's Ultimate Universe post-"Ultimatum" just far enough in the past that trades collecting the first twelve issues of the current three series are available, I've been giving some consideration to picking up those trades and getting back into the Ultimate Universe.

I've started looking at some reviews of early issues of both Ultimate Comics Ultimates and Ultimate Comics X-Men (and damn are those awkward titles). IGN's reviews, in particular, for those two series suggest that the first twelve issues can be rather uneven. In addition to the reviews that I've already been looking at, I'd really like to solicit opinions from posters here who've been reading the new volumes.

The last time I paid any real attention to this universe was still relatively early in its existence. I don't think I ever got beyond the first two trades of The Ultimates and the first three or four trades of Ultimate Spider-Man, for example. The death of Peter Parker and the introduction of Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man, however, has spurred renewed interest.

I've already decided to give Ultimate Comics Spider-Man a chance, and have purchased the first six issues through comiXology to read on my iPad. I haven't really had time to delve into those issues yet, though I believe Admiral_Young has expressed some appreciation for the series in either the ongoing Marvel Universe discussion thread or the Avengers vs. X-Men thread.
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