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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I, too, am another who has some issues with the first two Superman films. I like parts of them, but really dislike others. Then again I saw these when I was 19 and my early 20s so while I enjoyed parts of them I wasn't enthraled by them as so many others seem to have been.

Essentially I like it up until Lex and companions are introduced and then except for some parts it all basically falls apart for me. And for the most part I didn't care much at all for S2.

I still much prefer the Superman we saw in the first Season of The Adventures Of Superman. Superman seems less the boyscout and Clark isn't a goof but a credible reporter. And Clark only seems withdrawn in comparison to Phyllis Coates' feisty Lois Lane. Still didn't care for Jimmy Olsen or Perry for that matter though they were worse in the later seasons.

After that I can skip the Chris Reeve films and go right to the '90s TAS Superman for my preferred version.
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