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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Just watched Encounter and Naked Now... Bloody hell. I haven't been so bowled over by a restoration job since the first time I saw a VIDfired William Hartnell. This is even more impressive than that as what the Restoration team do is try and get things to how the original print would have looked, what's been done with TNG is even better than broadcast. In the pilot you can tell what time of day they filmed any scene with Riker by how much five o'clock shadow he's showing (his chest hair is constantly threatening to escape his uniform as well, clearly his body was demanding a beard).

Encounter is an OK pilot, even if the Q plot being bolted on late in the day is fairly obvious (the casual and relaxed first meeting between Data and Riker would make sense in the context of being near the start of a one hour pilot, not when things are already well underway and there's a imminent deadline to work towards). In context of later episodes there's something sweetly funny about Riker being amazed and shocked by the Bandai being able to... do what replicators do. "You can make food appear... FROM NOTHING!!!!".

Actually, I suppose his reaction seems OTT even without replicators having been introduced yet considering Data explains that the holodeck does pretty much the same thing as well.

Naked Now comes in for a lot of stick but I don't mind it at all. It's a slight episode, but buoyed up by Spiner's perfectly timed pratfall and some superb comic timing between Stewart and McFadden. Picard's little skip as he enters sickbay is genius.
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