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Re: General Music Thread

Mm.. I could pick out a large chunk there that I understood, so that's always good.

Another thing is, and now I'm getting mean, anyone without any talents can buy a digital synth, find a preset and make a noise, you've got everything at hand, if not, go online and you'll find a patch for a sound you want, result is that eveything will sound alike, in the late 80's the Yamaha DX7 came out and it was WAY more affordable than anything else, everyone and their grandma used the bloody thing so every house song from that era sounds about the same because in 99.99% of the time they were using that synth.
Ah, this issue. Digital ones can be used creatively though, even though there is the ability to make it overproduced and samey. For example, someone could get an autotuning device and pump out loads of samey songs... or they could use the autotune at oppertune moments in the song to add a few nice effects here and there. If they're talentless, believe me, it shows.
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