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The U.S.S. K’Shod is the second Aerie-Class patrol scout in the Third Squadron. Assigned just after the Talarian Incursion, the crew of the K’Shod has a very different approach to things than the H'krii.

Like her sister ship however, the K’Shod spends its time quietly watching the border for activity, ready to sound the alert should the Talarians try anything again, but also more than capable of handling the occassional smuggler or raider.

The crew pictured are:

Commanding Officer (First Shift) - Lt. Commander Bethany Forbes (Human)
A very professional officer, she likes to run a tight ship—which many find surprising given the size of the K’Shod and her crew. Her standoffish manner takes some getting used to.
First/Operations Officer (Second Shift) - Lieutenant Halam Zol (Bolian)
When he first came aboard he was the polar opposite to Commander Forbes, but over the last twelve months he has tried to adjust his manner, so as to work better with her.
Chief of the Boat/Engineering (First Shift) - Chief Petty Officer Cynthia Shipman (Human)
Newly promoted to Chief of the Boat (following an incident with her predecessor), she has stepped into the role with ease. Like Forbes, in Engineering she likes things done her way.
Senior Tactical Specialist (First Shift) - Petty Officer 1st Class Reihsh (Rigellian [VI])
New to the K’Shod, he has yet to get used to how things are done onboard the scout. With a flair for tactical combat he relishes the chance to put his skills to the test.
Flight Controller (Second Shift) - Petty Officer 2nd Class Oliver Rodgers (Human)
With a few black marks on his record, he was assigned to the K’Shod so that Commander Forbes could get him back in line.
Corpsman/Environmental Specialist (Second Shift) - Petty Officer 3rd Class Jayme Copeland (Human)
A warm, caring and nurturing woman, she had just started at Starfleet Medical Academy to train as a nurse when the war began. Wanting to do her part, she switched to Basic Training.

Not Pictured:
Engineering Specialist (Second Shift) - Petty Officer 2nd Class Nael (Deltan, Male)
Tactical Specialist (Second Shift) - Petty Officer 3rd Class Suri ki’Vahs sh’Thol (Andorian, Shen)
Deckhand/Security Guard (First Shift) - Crewman Vei Tazarak (Saurian, Male)
Deckhand/Security Guard (First Shift) - Crewman Yolanda Okonedo (Human, Female)
Deckhand/Security Guard (Second Shift) - Crewman Fei Yen Tam (Human, Female)
Deckhand/Security Guard (Second Shift) - Crewman Daniel Reese (Human, Male)
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