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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I must be over the minority but I like the series. What gets me is the long wait between books. I get that with the Typhon Pact series taking center stage, other books of the 24th century will have to be put on hold but gosh, 33 freaking months? Come on, I'm dying here.
Despite how it was labeled, Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire is a full-fledged Titan novel. It's really more a Titan novel than a Typhon Pact novel, because the fact that the Gorn are members of the Pact is only a peripheral detail that gets mentioned a few times but has very little impact on the story.

Really, that was the idea of the first few TP books -- to be in the vein of old crossovers like Invasion! or Section 31, a group of standalone adventures in the various series that were loosely linked by a common element or theme. One is unambiguously TTN, one novel (and one e-novella) is unambiguously TNG, one is unambiguously DS9, and only one is kind of a hybrid that's hard to pin down. It's only the more recent Typhon Pact books that are full-on multi-series crossovers.

And it's not like anything has been "put on hold" either. Since the Pact was introduced in A Singular Destiny, we've had plenty of 24th-century novels that weren't part of that series, including three VGR novels (with a fourth upcoming), two TNG novels (Losing the Peace and Indistinguishable from Magic), Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions, three non-TP-labeled TTN novels (counting the new one), two DTI novels, and a couple of New Frontier novels. Plus there's a whole TNG trilogy coming up soon.

So I don't get where this perception comes from that the Typhon Pact has monopolized the 24th-century novels. Since the debut of the Pact, and counting upcoming 2012 books, non-TP 24th-century books have outnumbered TP-related books by roughly 2 to 1.
Christopher, I really admire your patience. I have seen you explaining this so clearly so many times on the forum, and still people don't seem to get it. The fact that you remain so calm, is admirable.

Perhaps you could make a topic explaining all this, then have the mods close it and make it a sticky. This way, you don't have to re-explain something that's so simple every single time, and only copy and paste the link to the sticky.
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