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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished Starfleet Academy: Gemini Agent over the past few days. Fastest I read one of the SA books. Plot's paper thin and at times makes no sense. There are some things that should be setting people off right away that are glossed over. Barba does throw in some nice TrekLit references, such as having an Andorian Zhen show up and actually bridging Enterprise's and DS9's Section 31s in a way. But since the book was spot on with continuity in the main universe, my eyebrow quirked when Kirk and a security officer are talking about the SF Giants. Baseball's extinct! (That's not an actual ding against the book, just a cute little thing I noticed.) It's probably the second best book for characters, but one of the worst for plotting. The book just sort of ends. There easily could have been another 30 or so pages about the War Games.

Hoping to start A Time to Kill tonight. I've been told these next three books are some of the best in TrekLit, so I'm quite excited.
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