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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Yeah... I feel like the people treating TDK as some kind of cinematic godhead while simultaneously giving TDKR a grade of "D" or "terrible" need to stare really hard at TDK again. The believability factor aside, pretty much everything you don't like in TDKR was already there in TDK, just maybe at a slightly less obvious level. The "seeds" of these issues were already planted. In this sense the alleged gulf in quality between the two films is largely exaggerated.
While I don't think TDK is quite the masterpiece others do-- it really only becomes brilliant when Ledger's Joker is on the screen-- I do still think it's a much more solid, focused, and well-constructed movie than DKR. By a long shot.

The story flows a lot better, the various subplots come together better, the movie's themes are a lot clearer, and there's far fewer silly plot contrivances (like the entire police force getting trapped underground, or crime being magically wiped out so as to make Batman no longer necessary, or Bruce having just enough time to heal from his serious back injury and get back to Gotham before the bomb goes off).

It's still more crime drama than Batman movie for my taste, but it's such a damn GOOD crime drama that I don't really mind.
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