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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

Quoting in full because it's so well said.
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I admit that one of the more interesting threads in this show has been the contrast between Walt and Jesse. Jesse has developed a conscience, while Walt's been systematically destroying his own.
My perspective on this is that it's more than just a thread. It has been the entire counterbalance of the show. The show is called Breaking Bad. Walt, the lead, has been breaking (Steering toward) badness throughout, schmuck teacher into Scarface. Jesse, the foil, is essentially meeting Walt on the same road, traveling in the opposite direction, from worthless junkie & drug dealer, to being heroic

Mike is badass, yes, & Walt tries desperately to be, which makes him unstable & Mike knows it, but Mike is OLD, ok? He's old, injured, broke, & desperate too. In the end he spared the woman because he's desperate to find a way out of this, for all of them, especially her daughter, & his grand daughter, & against his better judgement. It's probably going to be his undoing

Jesse is not weak. Watch his reaction to Gus murdering Victor with the box cutter. Walt looks like he might puke. Jesse doesn't even bat an eyelash, & gives Gus a hardcore stare down. Not weak. He is naive, & at his core he is a good person, which we've been witnessing the emergence of. He is only weak looking when he is required to be villainous or when reflecting on having been so, unlike Walt, who doesn't even care that he poisoned a little boy. He is surely more dangerous than Jesse, but Walt is weaker than Jesse. Of the two, which do you recall begging for their life? Not Jesse

Mike wishes Jesse would wise up & see Walt for what he truly is, dangerous & unscrupulous, because Walt's influence is hazardous to them all. Walt needs Jesse, but Jesse won't remain naive forever, & I suspect the final showdown is Jesse finally understanding that he is meant to be a good person, & in order for that to happened he has to put down Walt once & for all, because no one else will be left who can do it

Unless they throw us a curveball & have Skylar kill Walt, or let Walt live. Either of those would surprise me though

As for Hank. He's really just a supporting character. He hasn't even been as integral as Mike in the past couple seasons. He'll get deep into this eventually, & find out all about Walt & whatever they do with that story arc will be interesting, but I seriously doubt he'll be the one to put down Walt

Not good enough. Having Jesse come to the point where he must be the one to do it is fully epic
From your mouth to Vince Gilligan's ears.

I wish I thought that was where the end was going. But remember the greatest moments?

When Jesse single-handedly goes up against the two dealers responsible for killing a child, the cool climax is Walt mowing them down with a car.

Sure, Jesse wasn't intimidated by Fring cutting Victor's throat. Doesn't matter, because Fring's badassery was the coolest season opener yet.

In one way Jesse's most heroic moment was really opening up in therapy, almost to the point of confessing. (You remember the scene.) Walt's most heroic moment might be throwing little nitroglycerine bombs to awe Raymond Cruz's gangster.

Jesse didn't flinch facing Fring? Jesse had his gun to Walt's head leaving an imprint (a touch stolen from ER but still good, not used up yet,) not just standing firm, but taking control of Jesse. Considering that he had collapsed into hysterics just hours (in universe,) that is a truly awesome comeback, something that casts any of Jesse's heroics into the shade. It's much harder to pick yourself back up, after all.

There's a reason Giancarlo Esposition is nominated for best supporting actor, and I venture to predict that if Breaking Bad has a supporting actor Emmy, it'll have Esposito's name on it.

I think you should be right, and I wish you were right.

But it seems that they've left things hanging a little too long, and, like Dexter, have committed themselves, even to the point of contradicting the good things they've already done. It's all over but the shouting (and the weeping) and a good portion of this is going to be Walt, not just stepping into Fring's shoes, but conquering his own empire. Don't get more badass than that.

PS The ricin is a Chekhov's gun. They got away with its non-use being a pivotal part of the plot (very clever!) once. But it's really got to poison somebody this time.
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