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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Guartho wrote: View Post
Did they ever refer to the prison as the Lazarus pit? I've noticed a lot of people calling it that, but I didn't catch it.
No, they never called it that, because that's not what it is, other than perhaps in a metaphorical sense specific to Wayne.

NCC1701 wrote:
This is pretty much my thoughts as well, but not about TDKR, but The Dark Knight, pretty much how I felt about it back in 2008 and I still thought it was slow, plodding and boring when I rewatched both Begins and Dark Knight before going to see Rises on Sunday. The acting and music are both top notch, everything else is pretty meh in my opinion.
Yeah... I feel like the people treating TDK as some kind of cinematic godhead while simultaneously giving TDKR a grade of "D" or "terrible" need to stare really hard at TDK again. The believability factor aside, pretty much everything you don't like in TDKR was already there in TDK, just maybe at a slightly less obvious level. The "seeds" of these issues were already planted. In this sense the alleged gulf in quality between the two films is largely exaggerated.
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