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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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My apolgies if this was already discussed in the earlier pages, but since Donner's Superman has been mentioned, who prefers which version of "Superman II," the Lester version, or the Donner version? Both have their merits, and one can get the sense Singer based his "Superman Returns" more on the events of Donner's version than Lester's.
I actually prefer the Lester version, even though it includes a lot of silly stuff which is clearly the work of that director (bewigged man losing his toupee in the Metropolis showdown, for example).

To be fair, the Donner cut is not really exactly how Richard Donner would have made the movie had he had free rein at the time and they've done a great job splicing in unused and screen test footage. But we don't need to see Supes flying back in time to save the world again, do we?

Had Donner been allowed to make Superman II as he really wanted to, I think we'd have ended up with something even better than either version.
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