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Batman Fan Films

There are a lot of Batman fan films out there, so I thought I'd start a thread where they can be posted and discussed. Hopefully some of you will share some of your favorites or post some that you think others might not know about but might like.

I'm starting with one of my favorites... Batman: Dead End...

Dead End has great production values and looks like a live action Alex Ross piece. It also has Walter Koenig's son playing the Joker and doing a good job of it. I especially like the ending. Batman is surrounded by Predators and xenomorphs with no hope of getting out of this and what does he do? He takes his stand, refusing to give in. I thought that really captured the spirit of Batman.

Next up is The Death of Batman...

I found that one a few days ago. The production values aren't that great, but it's actually a pretty good story once it gets going, so watch the whole thing. I thought the ending was pretty weak, but the film does have a good twist just before that weak ending. Also, something happens to Batman that I've never seen before. Go to the 12:30 mark and look at what's happening in the top left-hand corner. Christian Bale's wife is also in it, but we don't really see her. The IMDb has her credited as "Mrs. Wayne" but we only see her as a dead person for a second or two. Oh yeah, and this Batman kind of looks like of John Wesley Shipp.

And finally (for now) is a reposting of JacksonArcher's The Batman: Shadow War...

Looks good so far. Great production values and very reminiscent of Nolan's style.

Got any comments on the above films?

Got any that you'd like to share or talk about?
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