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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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My apolgies if this was already discussed in the earlier pages, but since Donner's Superman has been mentioned, who prefers which version of "Superman II," the Lester version, or the Donner version?
I prefer the Donner version, since it's less silly, more epic and generally closer in tone to the first movie. Just imagine its potential were Donner allowed to complete it and hadn't had to use footage from screen tests and Lester.
Although I really don't get why that ending with Super-Clark getting back at that jerk in the diner was kept. I can see Lester not caring much wether it was true to the spirit of Superman, but Donner/Mankiewicz?!

Both have their merits, and one can get the sense Singer based his "Superman Returns" more on the events of Donner's version than Lester's.
Uhm, ... no. In Donner's version, Superman destroys the Fortress at the end, and also doesn't get naughty with Lois until he's turned human (therefore couldn't have conceived a Super-kid).
Real Supermen wear red trunks!

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