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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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There's worlds of difference between the Batman TV series and Lester's take on Superman for them trying to be Silver Age depictions of the heroes. Mostly being that Lester was trying way too hard. (See the opening slapstick Rube Goldberg routine during the opening credits.)
Yes, of course they're not exactly the same, since they're from different creators. The point is that people today often forget that comics at the time were not as different from their contemporary movie adaptations as we tend to assume. What we see in those films and shows is, of course, filtered through their makers' points of view, sometimes more successfully than others (and I think Superman III really holds up better than most people give it credit for), but if you look at the actual comics they were basing it on, you can see that they were trying in their own ways to be authentic, and not mocking or missing the point to the extent that fans today often believe.
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