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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Why all the hate? I liked the Romulan war books, and Seize the Fire, the STO book was good too not great but good. Constructive criticism is one thing but the catcalls from the peanut gallery is another. Especially the ones who admit to not having read this most recent book.
And you are entitled to your opinion just as we are entitled to ours. However, as Thrawn pointed out, Martin's books have been rated comparitively low here. At, his books aren't well reviewed either.

Catcalls from the peanut gallery? Are we mocking or trying to provoke Mr Martin? No. We've read his books and made our judgements based upon past experience.

I believe I've read all of Martin's trek works, including Seize the Fire. And I had forgotten about the STO book which was just plain terrible. However, I don't even judge Martin by that one because what I hated most about it was the way it was formatted- as series of interviews. Since I believe that was an editorial decision, I don't critize him for that.

I do think Martin conceives very interesting plots and has great love for Star Trek. However, I have witnessed his execution consistantly fail my expectations and deliver a underwhelming reading experience while authors whose works I love like David Mack and Peter David have always exceeded my expectations to the point I will buy a book authored by them only on the merits of their name on the cover. Other authors like David R George and Christopher Bennett usually write books I love but have delivered a few books I didn't enjoy so based upon my enjoying them most of the time, I don't hesitate to pick up their latest book.
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