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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Somebody asked about this in the genereal thread: I checked the Starfleet communication logs Data reads in "Conspiracy" and wrote down the names of all the starships names that are legible now:

USS Albert Einstein
USS Atlantis
USS Callisto
USS Copernicus
USS Constellation
USS Elmer Fudd
USS Endeavour
USS James Fennimore Cooper (sic)
USS Ganymede
USS Gremlin
USS Heart of Gold
USS Max Plank (sic)
USS Mustang
USS Nightwing
USS Non Sequitur
USS Omaha Nebraska
USS Robert Louis Stevenson
USS Sherlock Holmes
USS Ticonderoga
USS Tranquility Base
USS Tycho
USS Unicorn
USS White Sands

two or three I couldn't make out: One looks like USS Aleq, another one seems to be USS Matt Fringe.
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