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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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But consider: Bruce is having a really bad day. He's lost his fortune, Alfred has abandoned him, Gordon has been shot up, Bane is causing havoc. He's standing in the rain, locked out of his own lonely mansion, having lost pretty much everything and everyone in his life . . . is it really surprising that he would welcome whatever comfort Miranda offered? She caught him at a really vulnerable moment, on a rainy night in front of a warm fireplace..
It is surprising when the character has had many bad days and has never done anything like this before, to our understanding. Bruce Wayne is not an Everyman, he is a very extreme, disordered personality. It's like taking someone with OCD and taking away their anxiety for an evening because they had a bad day. I'm not saying his behaviour was impossible, but it wasn't in character, and a shift in character like that should have been framed more clearly.

I would rather see it that Bruce was already at the point of change after the years of seclusion, and was at the point of finally being capable of intimacy, because fulfilling that need was the only path he had left. Talia was a mistake made by someone who was emotionally and sexually little more experienced than a teenager. But Talia forshadows Bruce finally being able to walk away from Gotham and sit smiling and happy in a cafe with a beautiful Selina.
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