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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

When the TOS sets were released I'd planned on a complete Trek rewatch. Unfortunately other things pulled at my time and I wasn't in a position to start until around Christmas last year. Then, of all things, news of a potential TNG remaster started coming through, which put another hold on the rewatch.

As it stands, it's probably at least a decade since I've rewatched TNG all the way through, and quite possibly even longer than that. To say I'm ready for it, is an understatement of some proportions!

I remember back in the day hating the very though of a 'next generation' - WTF?! Where's Kirk, and Spock? Where's Bones? Initial impressions upon watching EaF did little to change that view. I was underwhelmed. It was a few more years before I'd be won around.

Upon subsequent viewings, my opinion of EaF has mellowed somewhat. It's still not amongst the best that TNG has to offer, but it's a solid enough start - it's a good introduction to the characters, it highlights the differences between Kirk and Picard, and also the 1701 and the 1701-D. And then there's Q. Seriously, who doesn't love Q?!

Anyhow, I'm hoping that the postie finally delivers my set today. I'm raring to go, and have been for a good number of days. Either way, I'll be watching EaF tonight, either on the new set, or from the sampler disc.

Good times ahead.
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