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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

The first time I learned that there was a Cochrane was in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion. A casualty list from DS9 confirms the connection between the Cochrane and NCC-59318.

The Biko was identified in the first, or second, edition of the Encyclopedia as a Cheyenne-class starship, which might explain the registry.

In the first edition of the Encyclopedia, the second Grissom was classified as a Oberth-class starship with a registry of NCC-59314. The entry included a diagram of the ship.

Later editions of the Encyclopedia claim that the Raman was an Oberth-class starship with a registry of NCC-59983. This both contradicts what was shown on the screen (NCC-29487) and the original intentions of the production staff who wanted to build a new model but were stopped by a budget shortfall (ST: TNG Companion).

The reason I am skeptical about the Copernicus is that Mr. Okuda so thoroughly botched the registry on the Saratoga. In the encyclopedia, he gave us, not one, but two erroneous registries. We know from Drex Files that video existed of the Saratoga when it was delivered to the TNG production staff.

From my understanding of Season 1, ILM handled the effects work for the pilot, then a different VFX house took over the reins for the rest of the season. With the schedule they had, why would they spend time in re-doing the registry? (The registry of the Copernicus is obscured by bright spot lights which mask the registry. I have always found that odd.)
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