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Re: Death(s) of Robin

That might be true. I just looked at my "Lonely Place of Dying" TPB. At the time of the main story, before the flash back of meeting Dick at the Circus, Tim tells Alfred and Dick he is 13.

That has been logged in my memory forever. The original issue is one of the first comics I ever read. It was after the Tim Burton movie. My older brother had explained how there were 2 Robins, the one I knew about from the old tv show and a second one I had never heard of who had been killed off by the fans.

So to see a new Robin felt like I was witnessing history. I remember my brother explaining how the movie was Batman's "early days" when he was not trusted yet by the police. So I never saw things in terms of separate continuities. Just different points in Batman's life. I also got old comics from Half Price Books and while I noticed differences in history it was just part of the overall story.

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