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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Nope, only as a character in a period film. There was no attempt in the Reeve-era Superman movies to portray anything other than a comic-book vision of the characters and the world they inhabited, and Singer imitated that heightened and simplified sense of color and place. Cavill comes off here, visually, as plausibly existing in a world that looks as much like ours as contemporary commercial films ever show it.
It might look that way now, but Donner was all about making his Superman look as real and believable as possible. And when I was a kid, that's pretty much how it felt.

For a comic book movie, Metropolis looked like a very real and grimy place, and many of the other locations (like the New Mexico desert where Lois dies) looked pretty gritty and real as well.

At least compared to today's superhero movies, where pretty much everything looks like a set.
Seriously. Sounds like the OP is describing the Batman T.V. show or even Tim Burton's two Batman movies. In the Donner movies Metropolis was made to look like pretty much what a real life big city looked like in the 1970's.

Sounds like some are gearing up to "love" this movie simply because it isn't SR (regardless of Man of Steel's intrinsic value, if any), the same way many "loved" Batman Begins simply because it wasn't Batman and Robin.

Superman was the first comic book superhero I loved, and truth be told, he is still my favorite individual superhero. I don't want the character to get the BB treatment -- an overrated film that is "lovable" only for what it isn't rather than for what it actually is.
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