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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well, that's kind of right, but I'm not sure of the emphasis. I'd say, rather, that it was an attempt to do a naturalistic take on what Superman comics were at the time [...] , but they didn't have our perspective, our awareness of how much more serious comics could potentially be.
Yeah, thanks, that's what I was thinking, although, additionally, my emphasis was on how comic books were perceived and regarded from the mainstream perspective. There's no question that, in the 1970's, comic books were regarded as anything but a literary medium by the public at large. Even while the eyes of comic book readers were opened in the following years, mainstream public appreciation for the serious potential of the medium still lagged behind. It probably still lags behind today; I'd bet that a lot of the general public really only knows Watchmen from the movie, if they really know it at all.
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