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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Why all the hate? I liked the Romulan war books, and Seize the Fire, the STO book was good too not great but good. Constructive criticism is one thing but the catcalls from the peanut gallery is another. Especially the ones who admit to not having read this most recent book.

It's true Martin and Mangels write better together because their skills complement each other. Complaining that separately their writing isn't quite as good is like complaining that the Olympic team sets a higher standard than the professional teams the players are gotten from.
I've definitely read the most recent book, and I think this criticism is absolutely fair. I'm allowed to complain if I want to; Andy stopped writing with him, and his books got less good. Worse than basically any of the rest of them for the last couple years. Pointing that out is legitimate.

Especially since it was, it appears, Michael's choice to stop writing with Andy. Andy has been very diplomatic talking about it a couple times, but I get the feeling that the ending of that partnership was completely Michael and Andy was as surprised as anyone else.
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