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Re: Blake's 7 reboot back on again

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It's not really on till somebody buys the show. Hard to say what it will be like till the buyer is announced. The CW would be very different from Starz. SyFy is the only place I could see a TNG toned series airing. Even TNT is going pretty dark now with Falling Skies, and they're one of the more broadcasty cable channels.

Did B7 ever air in America? The fact that there arent even any DVDs available might scare networks. it would be smart to release DVDs first and use them to assess interest.

Also, I hope by network, they really mean both broadcast and cable. I don't think even a huge name space opera like Star Trek or even Star Wars could survive on broadcast now.
They'd be better off not worrying about the original series when trying to sell it in the US. The production values were SO BAD on the original (even for a show if its era) that no American broadcaster would take it seriously.

I tried watching the series but the poor production values were a real distraction. They make Lost in Space look high quality (and that was made a decade before B7 ).

Actually, they probably don't need to worry about selling it in the US. Its a good bet that BBC America would snap it up given the chance. At this point they show more scifi than Syfy.
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