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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

And the end...begins....

Star Trek: Aventine
Our Sacred Honor
Chapter 27

Sarina Douglass followed Julian Bashir into their suite…watching him, studying how all that had happened to day had affected him.

It was hard to tell, but he seemed…drained. Tired—whether from a reaction to the statements, or just general stress…he was tired. He seemed sad, too—in a nostalgic sense. Sarina hoped to heaven that that wouldn’t last long, either way.

Julian looked around him, saying nothing. To Sarina, something in him seemed to deflate, as he relaxed his shoulders.

Finally, he turned to her. “Sarina, I’d…better shower, and change. I’m a—a little tired.”

Sarina nodded. “I’ll check messages.” She shrugged, “Who knows—my superiors might have something, that…”

Julian nodded, forcing a smile. “Thank you,” he said, in a near whisper.

It was an alibi, of course. If something unusual were to happen, regarding Captain Dax, Sarina would have to have a cover story, to keep him from suspecting. And of course…the best lies are the ones closest to the truth.

She smiled in turn, to reassure him, or disarm him—whichever.

Apparently, it did little of either. Julian sighed, and entered the bedroom.

Sarina remained, and turned to the desk, where sat the computer screen. She saw a message—labeled Code 47.

She walked over, sitting down. It was addressed to her.

She stiffened, willing herself to not let any feelings of hope or despair fill either her mind or her heart. She swallowed, gathered up her courage…and followed the instructions on screen.
* * *
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